Belfast Accounting Services

Company Profile:
Belfast Accounting Services was established in 1975 with a mission to supply businesses in our area with a full range of Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services. We are currently located in Steeple Road Industrial Estate, Antrim, right beside the Mail Centre. You will appreciate our easy on-site parking. From Antrim we are able to service the whole of Northern Ireland, with particular emphasis on the areas between Belfast & Maghera and between Ballymena & Lisburn.
Our Antrim Office 'phone number is 028 9448 8152.
You may also contact us on our Belfast/Glengormley number: 028 9083 7692.
(Please ring first as we are sometimes working off-site.)
Mission Statement:
We strive to tailor our services to match the specific personal requirements of each of our Clients.
Contact us today to discuss your current requirements:
Monarch Building
Steeple Road Industrial Estate
BT41 1AB
Northern Ireland
028 9448 8152 (Antrim)
028 9083 7692 (Belfast/Glengormley)
Serving Businesses in our area since 1975
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